Flower essences for entrepreneurs and managers

Add the best partner to your team: nature

Nature becomes your ally when taking flower essences.

I have created flower essences combinations with Australian Bush Flower Essences for the most commonly-expressed issues. Here they are:

Speaking in public

Positive outcome:

  • Tranquility and calm
  • Creativity
  • Fluent speech and clear voice
  • Confidence
  • Enjoying speaking in public

Negative condition:

  • Concern, nervousness
  • Creativity block
  • Difficulty speaking clearly and fluently
  • Stage fright
  • Suffering in public speaking


Positive outcome:

  • Sense of unity
  • Harmony, cooperation
  • Responsibility, positivity
  • Optimism, open to a bright future
  • Commitment to results

Negative condition:

  • Each on their own: lack of team spirit
  • Lack of harmony and cooperation
  • Not accepting responsibility
  • Pessimism, expecting bad results
  • Lack of commitment

Decision making

Positive outcome:

  • Bringing about change
  • Problem solving and decision making easily and smoothly
  • Tranquility
  • Using discretion in decisions

Negative condition:

  • Dificulty to accept changes
  • Inability to solve problems and make decisions
  • No peacefulness
  • Endlessly researching when making decisions


Positive outcome:

  • Personal transformation for great results
  • Opening the heart
  • Disconnecting negative patterns
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Expressing gratitude, kindness, joy of living

Negative condition:

  • Arrogance, excessive pride, lack of humility
  • Heart closed
  • Connection to negative patterns
  • Closed to new ideas
  • Ingratitude, thoughtlessness, unhappiness

Study support

Positive outcome:

  • Improved learning skills
  • Good assimilation of information
  • Focus
  • Clarity

Negative condition:

  • Dificulty learning and studying
  • Being overwhelmed by information
  • Distraction
  • Daydreaming

Language learning

Positive outcome:

  • Improved speaking and listening skills
  • Better memorising language knowledge
  • Tenacity and courage
  • Commitment to achieving goals

Negative condition:

  • Speaking and listening not flowing
  • Difficulties memorising language knowledge
  • Tendency to give up easily
  • No commitment attaining goals

What clients are saying

I have had a long standing block in speaking in large groups, in public. I contacted Montserrat and she prepared a wonderful blend to assist with this. I started taking the blend 2 days before my big event – and I managed to speak! as the days went on – still taking the blend, my confidence greatly improved. I have signed up to present at the college of medicine conference next year!

Lizzie Nicolson. London, United Kingdom

In the midst of many difficulties and stress, I asked Montserrat for help, and she gave me a blend. When I take the essences I feel there is hope, everything is not as negative as it looked to me and I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Lourdes Bonet. Premià de Dalt (Barcelona)

For my work, I deal with English speaking clients. But sometimes I could not speak fluently, and I struggled to go on with conversations. I ordered a combination of flower essences to address this issue. The truth is that I was surprised by its quick effects. Now I feel comfortable with our English clients and I am not left speechless. Even my English teacher congratulated me. Thank you!

Claude Díaz. Barcelona

At a moment in my life cycle when I felt desperate, exhausted, lost and without understanding of what I was living, the flowers gave me strength to continue walking and provided the necessary changes to reborn and start from another vision of life. Thank you!

Maria Pilar. El Masnou (Barcelona)
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