What clients are saying

I contacted Montserrat because I recently applied for a job that I was very interested in. For the selection process I had to study and compete with another 20 people, all of whom were very prepared. I felt insecure about myself and also needed something to help me concentrate and focus.

Montserrat is a very empathic person. Right away she understood what I needed and, in addition to making my blend of flower essences, she gave me very valuable advice.

Such was the case that, with her help, I have achieved the job of my dreams and I am very happy.

Sandra Garrusta, Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona)

I knew about flower essences but not about the New Zealand ones.

I was very lucky to meet Montse at a FIDEM event (an association of businesswomen)

From the first moment she inspired confidence in me and when time went by and unfortunately I lost my mother, I didn’t hesitate to contact her.

She recommended the first blend of New Zealand flower essences I took.

I have been able to pass through my mourning with serenity and self-confidence and I am sure it has largely been because of the effects of the flowers.

During this process I had the opportunity to share with Montse my anxieties and I have found a space of serenity.

All this has given me peace of mind and security. I feel happy and I plan to continue taking flowers essences, now focused on boosting my personality.

I recommend flower essences whenever I can.

Núria H., Barcelona

I decided to contact Montserrat because I was feeling apathetic, disinterested, with no energy and very nervous.

I was told Bach flower essences could work well for me. And I was told too that Montserrat had Australian flower essences, more powerful.

Her attention was awesome and I’ve got my flower essences at home in just a few days.

It didn’t take me long to have positive effects, sleep better and feel more energy.

Thanks Montserrat, you made a good choice.

Lourdes Banús, Barcelona

For my work, I deal with English speaking clients. But sometimes I could not speak fluently, and I struggled to go on with conversations. I ordered a combination of flower essences to address this issue.

The truth is that I was surprised by its quick effects. Now I feel comfortable with our English clients and I am not left speechless. Even my English teacher congratulated me. Thank you!

Claude Díaz, Barcelona

Montserrat intuitively chose Alpine Mint Bush (australian flower essence for caretakers) which was perfect for me! (working in the NHS, being a solo mum during the week, being a First Light essence practitioner – my works is all about caretaking!

Immediately I felt the effects. Great sleep. Booked in for a facial, gym and spa relaxation it was the best internal assistance I needed! Highly recommend Montserrat – an experienced practitioner and great lover of all things natural!  Would also recommend her Akashic records consultations – for guidance on earthly issues.

Lizzie Nicolson, London, United Kingdom.

I have had a long standing block in speaking in large groups, in public. I contacted Montserrat and she prepared a wonderful blend to assist with this.

I started taking the blend 2 days before my big event – and I managed to speak! as the days went on – still taking the blend, my confidence greatly improved.

I have signed up to present at the college of medicine conference next year!

Lizzie Nicolson, London, United Kingdom

Before I started with Montserrat I was scared and hesitant for everything, even the easiest thing in the world. Now, thanks to the help and support of Montserrat, I feel strong and brave enough to face any situation and, more importantly, I feel good about myself and the reality that surrounds me.

What I like the most about the consultations is the proximity and the unique guidance of Montserrat in my journey, which, together with the flower essences, has impelled me to feel good and, from now on, be able to move forward firmly in everything that I decide to do.

I would definitely recommend Montserrat’s services to other people so they can feel just as good as I feel now. The sessions and flower essence blends from Montserrat are the best gift that I have been able to give to myself.

Marta Trillo Font, Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)

In the midst of many difficulties and stress, I asked Montserrat for help, and she gave me a blend. When I take the essences I feel there is hope, everything is not as negative as it looked to me and I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Lourdes Bonet, Premià de Dalt (Barcelona)

My experience with essences has been great. I recommend them to everybody because they have really helped me focus and change my mindset. In a short time they healed an earache that had accompanied me all day. With the flowers that Montserrat recommended to me, I have my enthusiasm and initiative back. They are amazing! Thank you very much.

Núria Lorente, Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona)

At a moment in my life cycle when I felt desperate, exhausted, lost and without understanding of what I was living, the flowers gave me strength to continue walking and provided the necessary changes to reborn and start from another vision of life. Thank you!

Maria Pilar, El Masnou (Barcelona)

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