What are flower essences?

Flower essences are natural remedies made with flowers.

When to use flower essences?

Use flower essences when you want to gently restore balance and harmony in the being. Use them for help in dealing with stress, crisis and anxiety and to cope with the ups and downs of life. Flower essences give support for our holistic well-being.

Some specific examples:

How flower essences work?

Flower essences work at a vibrational or energetic level to rebalance the whole person emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They correct imbalances in the human being from within and re-align our energetic systems.

How are essences made?

Flower essences are prepared from flowers in full bloom as a solar infusion. The elaboration process transfers the energetic footprint of the flower in the water.
Afterwards they are diluted to made floral blends for clients.

How do you select which essences include in a floral blend?

From the information provided by the client, I identify the current difficulties and imbalances and select the best ones to restore balance.
It is also possible to select flowers in other ways, such as intuitive selection from the images of flowers.

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