Don’t say no, go with the flow. 

Everything in nature follows this law. Everything works effortlessly. Birds do not strive to fly, they fly. The flowers do not strive to bloom, they bloom. The Earth revolves around the sun with ease. Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and when we are aligned with natural laws, our life also flows like this.

Therefore, we don’t have to look outside of ourselves when our dreams do not come true but instead we must ask ourselves how to align with these natural laws.

We have been taught at schools exactly the opposite. Try hard, they told us constantly. But that’s not how nature works.

How do we put the minimum effort law into practice? By following these three steps:

  • Acceptance

    We must accept all situations, people and circumstances as they occur because the whole universe is as it should be.

    Not accepting would be like wanting to stop the world. It is impossible. All the moments of the past have led us to the present moment. Therefore we must accept the present moment fully.

    This does not mean that we do not want to change things in the future, but at this moment we must accept them as they are, in order to transform them later.

  • Responsibility

    As I accept things as they are, I assume my responsibility in every situation. That’s why I will not complain about anything or anyone because of situations that I do not like. Nor will I blame others or myself for anything that happens.

    Responsibility gives us the ability to respond at all times.

  • Defenselessness

    Give up persuading others of your point of view. Respect the mental space of other people. Do not think that your ideas are better or superior to those of others and open yourself to all points of view.

    Nowadays, there is a tendency to invade the mental space of other people constantly. Giving up this habit releases a large amount of energy.

Which flower essence can help us connect with this law? This is my suggestion:

Black-eyed Susan (Tetratheca ericifolia)

Image by courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences

This flower essence is very useful for active, stressed people who constantly strive hard to get results. The essence allows them to relax and allow everything to flow with the least effort.

In my next post, I’m going to speak about the fifth spiritual law of success: the law of intention and desire.

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