For it is in giving that we receive. 

Nature is abundant. When a fruit tree bears fruit, it provides an abundance. There is more that can be eaten, so the surplus is given to neighbours and friends, or made into jam or preserves to take advantage of the harvest.

As with the harvest, wealth must also be kept in circulation. Any energy must flow and circulate. If water is blocked up, it starts to degrade. In nature, water is in constant movement: from streams into rivers, from rivers to the sea, evaporating and forming clouds and coming back to us in the form of rain or snow.

If we want to be given something, we have to give it first. Do not think that you will give after you receive. Instead, start the flow by giving that you want to receive, so it will return to you multiplied.


  • If we want others to treat us in a kind and friendly way, we have always to treat others in a kind and friendly way.

  • If we want to receive gratitude, we have to be grateful. We can use the words “thank you” in all our communications in a genuine and sincere way.

  • If we want others to help us, we should help others first. There are many opportunities to volunteer or cooperate with NGOs. If you are part of a trade association, you can cooperate with young entrepreneurs in your free time, mentoring them.

  • If we want to receive money, we have to donate money to those who may need it. Do you like animals? Surely you have an animal shelter near you that need funds. Do you like sports? Give funds to organisations that promote sport.

The most important thing is the spirit in which we give. We must give with joy, and never do it reluctantly or unwillingly. We have to seek our way of giving, the way which makes us feel good.

To put this powerful law into effect we can follow these three steps:

  • Bring a gift to everyone. Examples of what we can give:

    -Bringing wine or dessert when someone invites us to lunch.

    -Giving flowers to our mother or a gift to our father

    -Praising a colleague publicly at a work meeting for a well done job

    -Sending an email giving thanks for the information received

    -Expressing our gratitude to our children for the efforts they put into their school work.

    Many times the gifts that don’t cost us money are appreciated and remembered more than the gifts we had to buy.

  • Accept the gifts of nature. Now it is spring and the flowers are starting their blooming with a thousand different colors and shapes. Birdsong, snow in winter, rain, refreshing sea breezes, the warmth of the sun … every day we enjoy many gifts of nature. Let’s recognise and appreciate them.

  • Commit ourselves to keeping wealth circulating in our lives. Accumulation leads to stagnation. Let’s silently wish for everyone find happiness and joy.

Is it difficult for you to connect with this law? If so, I recommend that you take these flower essences of Australian Bush Flower Essences:

Philoteca (Philotheca salsolifolia)

Image supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.

This floral essence is very convenient for people who give to others easily, but find it difficult to receive.

If I ask you: Is it hard for you be invited for lunch or coffee? If your answer is yes, that you do not like it and you want to return the invitation, or you would rather do the inviting yourself, it is difficult for you to receive. Learn to receive with elegance, simply say: Thank you!

This happens quite often. Be aware of it and change it. Be open to receiving.

Christmas Bell (Blandfordia nobilis)

Image supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.

Be open to giving.

This floral essence is very useful when we think that there is not enough for everyone and we do not have enough. If we think that when we give, we lose something.

It helps us to feel abundant, to have abundant thoughts and not lacking thoughts.

In my next post, I’m going to speak about the third spiritual law of success: the law of cause and effect.

I wait for your comments!

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